Friday, January 11, 2013

2013, wait... where did 2012 go?

Here I am again, blogging again after disappearing for a few months into full time mommy/full time working. I don't even remember what has happened the past few months that I haven't talked about, but we'll start off with preschool. Adele is loving every second of preschool and dance, she is her teachers favorites even though they are not suppose to have favorites. (I really do mean that, they aren't just sucking up to me, Adele gets extra suckers, and the teacher even bought her bows for her hair). She's so smart, and starting to attempt to read. It's really the cutest thing I've seen. In August we went through a hard time with some personal issues, and I decided to bring our family closer I'd get a dog. Adele was asking for a brother or sister, so the quest for the dog began. I didn't know what kind i wanted or where to start. so, we started on KSL.. I started with German Shepards, none, pitbulls, no grey ones, (I know I am super picky). So, I started searching Malamutes. That's when I stumbled upon the wolf/malamute mix... Could this be love at first sight!? We went to go visit her, and I fell in love right then and there. My heart melted over her, and  I put my down payment on her right then and there. Let me tell you that having 2 dogs, and a three year old all by yourself is a hard one to manage, and it's testing my patience but I couldn't be more happy. Our family feels a little more complete now. I did end up transferring overnights, and it's been hard but I get to spend more time with the babe, so that is all that matters. Boston was a lot of fun, and I got to explore a lot of new places and go to the beach which as nice.

Family life! My dad came home from Aspen finally, but he now leaves to Florida the end of this month. He should be there for about more than half of this year, sadly. I want to try and plan a trip for me and Adele to go see him in April around my birthday.

Vacation! So, last year I went to Vegas with my best friends for EDC. My best friend Chelsea and I have decided to go again, but just us this year! I am so excited, and we have already started planning the trip. I'll finally be 21, so it's going to be exciting to go out and drink a little with my best friend. Speaking of which, I might be seeing Joan Jett next month with Chelsea too in Wendover. I truly am blessed to have such a wonderful best friend, she's been there with me for most of the biggest things in my life. She was with me when I actually found out I was pregnant with Adele, she helped me this August  when I was extremely depressed, she was there for me when the entire Kelly thing happened. She's just kept me strong through so much.

Anyways, I'm off.I would update with pictures, but I have a puppy barking at something.

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