Thursday, October 4, 2012

Preschool, wait what?

I haven't update in a little bit, and that's because we have been a very busy little family lately. I'll start by saying I totally forgot to blog about  Adele's birthday, she of course got very spoiled. I don't even know how much money I spent on her, but she got a play house, a bunch of clothes, movies, and money put into her bank account. She had a fabulous time, and a few of my friends showed up but we kept it low key with a family BBQ. Speaking of turning 3, Adele is in preschool,since she doesn't get to interact with other children a lot, my parents decided to put her into Little Learners Academy, and let me just tell you that it's been incredible. She's so smart, and catches on so quick. The only problem is that she doesn't know how to interact with the kids yet, which I am hoping will come soon. I can not thank my parents enough with helping me with this. The preschool she is attending is very well known for what they do, and how amazing they are with children. Her babysitter actually works there as well, and she is also attending dance there on Mondays as well. I've been working full time still, and looking for a better paying job or hoping to transfer to over nights since I have always been a night owl. I am hoping that it can work out. I've started a new diet program, I had some personal issues in August & September that had stressed me out pretty bad, and made me very depressed. I am now better, and looking to be healthier in my life for me & Adele. I'm aiming for about a 40 pound weight loss. We are very excited for Halloween at our house, already have decorated & Adele already got her outfit! She's being a butterfly. October also started very good for me, seeing Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie. It was so much fun, getting to see my friends since lately all I do is work & have been so busy with Adele. It was nice to relax, speaking of which I will be leaving to Boston for a week on the 17th of this month! I was hoping to go visit my dad in Aspen, but I couldn't afford the tickets out there, but I am still excited to get away from work for a week. I'll be posting pictures now, enjoy. :)

Her first day of preschool! She's getting so big. 

The girls at Marilyn Manson! Such a fun time. 

Went to the fair together. :)

Loving the long & red hair on me, still. 

Us being goofy :)

Blowing out her birthday candles. :)

Her smile melts me. <3 p="p">

The kids in the house. :)

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