Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I've been slacking on blogging lately, between work, Adele, friends, family, and Spencer it's been a roller coaster, it's only the middle of February and already my life has taken some interesting spins. First of, Adele. She's getting so incredibly big, smart, and full of spunk. She's doing really good at potty training, I now realize every kid goes at their own pace. However, she's already starting to read, do her ABC's, and already knows her address. She's not like other 2 year olds, and I can definitely tell this. She doesn't throw tantrums, she tells you what she wants and politely asks for it. I've been so blessed with such a beautiful little girl! I've been working a lot lately, and have been discussing moving to another store to hopefully move up. Other than that I've been hanging out with my family, friends, and seeing a lot of time with Spencer. Who is actually my boyfriend now, weirdly enough. He hasn't met Adele and I don't plan on him to for awhile. I don't want people in and out of my daughters life. So, for now I go over there on the weekends and see him. He's a nice guy, and it's nice to spend time with someone who's so down to earth. Also, plans for the summer! I purchased my ticket to go EDC in June, I talked about going last year but never did actually go. Since I have a job this year, I decided to go. I already have the time off, already have my hotel booked, and my ticket bought. I just need to save up some money to spend there because I HAVE to go to the betsey johnson store while I'm there. :) I think this weekend I'll do a photo update for now just enjoy a few simple photos.

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