Sunday, January 22, 2012

New things-

A LOT of new things will be happening this week. First of off, I'm getting a new phone. I kept breaking mine, and it was such a hassle, I decided to finally just invest the money and to get an iphone. Which will mean more pictures of Adele.
Second of off, getting ALL of my debt paid off. No more, at all. I'm so happy I can finally do this..
 And in about 2 weeks, I'll be putting 2500 down on a car. It's just a really positive few weeks for me, and i'm excited. I had this weekend off, so on Friday night I went and hungout with my friend Chelsea, we had a few drinks. We also hung out with other friends. I headed up spending the night at their house, and it felt good to just relax. Last night I stayed home with Adele, we watched movies, cuddled, and colored in her new coloring books she got. :) She's really coming around to using the potty, but the only thing is we are either too early, or too late by JUST a little. We will get this down though, and also we decided this week we will be starting a chore chart for her. When she does all of her chores for the day, she'll get money. She already has 300 plus in her account, and about 100 dollars in my mom's purse. The last time we turned in her piggie bank, she had 60 dollars in there, which she wanted to buy my brothers and parents Christmas present with. I have this weekend off again, and I think I'm going up to my friend Spencer's house to hangout, and then hanging out with Adele again. I like that I can balance my friends, and being a mother together. It really helps, my friends are amazing, and so is my family. They ALL are so understanding that I need to have me time, that being a single mother is very hard. Wonderful, but hard. :) I don't really have much else to put, I'll just leave you with some pictures of me and Adele. OH, and my new hair. :)

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