Sunday, December 25, 2011


This really approached us fast this year, that's okay though. I was well prepared, Adele got so much stuff. I may have spoiled her, but she definitely deserved it. The big toys that I got her was a recliner chair, an easel, a bunch of Lala Loopsy dolls. My brother Josh got her a learner guitar, and Your baby can read. Besides that she got a bunch of baby stuff, cars, a racetrack, a remote controlled car. It was a success, I was so happy to go spend time with my family. VERY different from last year, I spent the day with Kelly while all of my family was together, to say the least I am SOO glad that I was with my family this year. They are my rock, they say you learn more about yourself every year from the experiences. I learned how much I truly need my friends & family. I hope that this next year my bond with them continues to grow & I continue to learn more about myself. I am pushing to be all that I can be, and to be as independent as I want. I think Adele is happier this year as well, at least I think she is. Your kids won't be happy if you are not, as I see it. They can sense your pain, anyways. I am really excited for the New Years. :) I'll be going out with my friend Chelsea, and it should be sooo much fun. :)

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