Sunday, May 5, 2013

To be lost.

Lately, I've felt a little... Lost as we should say. I would get depressed for days at a time, I had nothing positive to say about about myself. I would look at myself, and I would see a failure. I haven't accomplished what a 21 year should have by now, I should own my own car, be moving into my own house, and starting a family. I've done one of those, started a family. As dysfunctional as I did start it, I have my beautiful three year old. She pushes me forward, she pushes me to believe that I can make the things i want to happen, happen.

:To feel lost, makes you lose most of your self worth, and not only that. You start doubting everything. I've started doubting my relationship... which then makes me lash out on him, and become unreasonable, I've been very hard to deal with, but Jhon keeps me going. He keeps pushing me, and he's trying to understand. He's understanding that in the past year, I've lost most of my friends, had to deal with an abortion, and my dad not being home through most of this. He's absolutely incredibly, and I can not thank him enough for being such an awesome guy these past 7 months.

In other news, I've started a challenge for myself to not straighten my hair, or use as least on it as possible. In just TWO weeks it's grown half of an inch! It's incredible. I decided that I want to start also using this as a fashion blog, and an inspiration for future outfits. Which I'll be doing in my next post. :)

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