Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daycare, Jobs, and my worries.

If you know me, you know I've always felt somewhat opinionated on daycare. Adele as never stepped foot in a daycare, and I hope that she never will. Preschool, I'm fine with.. Daycare, i'm not. I personally feel like Daycare just really doesn't provide what I want for my daughter. I like the personal bond between a full time sitter, and a child. What leads me to talking about this is that my dad  (who was watching Adele), finally got another job. It's awesome, and not so awesome at the same time. I know my family needs the money that it will provide, but I now need to decided where Adele is going to go. I have a lady Veronica who watches Adele, but I just have a bad feeling about her. Not saying she's a bad mother, or anything but I feel like maybe she's rude to Adele. Maybe she doesn't treat like she treats her own kids. I got super lucky with  my old lady, and she totally loved Adele. She was so good to her, that Adele saw their family as a second family. Or, I can put her into a daycare. I'm scared mostly that the other kids will be mean to her, and she won't know how to defend herself. I was never in daycare, either. It's hard for me to trust someone else with my own kid, my own life. I don't want anything bad to happen to her. My job is going really well, I however had to change my hours until I figure out what I'm doing with her and until I get a car. I still haven't gotten one because I am deciding if I want to buy a car, or if I want to lease one.  I'll have it figured out hopefully within the next week or so. I forgot to post about what I'm getting her for Easter, we got her a bunch of summer clothes, a new helmet, and for a big gift we might be getting it a little late. She's either going to be getting a really nice wood swing set, or a... PUPPY! I've been so puppy hungry lately it's insane. Adele wants one so bad, she even takes her little shovel and shovels Bear's dog poop to show how "responsible" she is. Hahaha! I got my hair done last Thursday, and I am definitely in love with it! It's super red, and it's different which I felt I needed. It's my birthday weekend! I am going to Spencer's house tomorrow to go see the hunger games, and drink some. Then on Saturday we are having a birthday party with my friend Krissy. I am definitely excited to have a combined birthday. I think it's going  to be a lot of fun, and it will be so great to have all of my friends in one place. Well, I'm off to take my nightly walk!

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