Monday, December 5, 2011

20 days until Christmas

I'm really excited for the Christmas, I guess i'm so excited because I am excited for Adele. She's more understand as to what is happening than she was last year, she understands that she's going to be getting presents, and spending time with our family. She loves hanging out with our family, and I am so glad that I am so close to my aunts & cousins. I love going over to my aunt Shauns & just enjoying my big family. I've gotten a lot for Adele so far, and i'm not even close to being done. :) I still can't decide what Dylan's big gift should be, he's hard to shop for. He doesn't play video games, or anything! I'll figure something out. I am sure. I know that i'm getting my brothers a video game and then a 40 dollar visa gift card, I got my parents a new DVD player that matches the new 55inch TV that we bought them. but I still need to get them individual gifts. well, i'll update more later I need to go put Adele down for a nap!

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  1. you really bring it, jaleesa! awesome gifts :) i can't wait for natalie to open her gifts too... oh my gosh the thought makes me SO happy!