Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New things..

I haven't really wrote much about Dylan, and I know that words simply will not due him justice. I wanted to start by saying that, he's different. I've dated a lot in my life, & mostly I've dated people who were not good for me. People who were not good to me & because of my own un-happiness I took it out on others, but Dylan is different. Dylan makes me happy, he makes me glow, he makes it so I want to get up in the morning, and smile. I've never met someone who cares so much about anyone, and I've never cared about a boyfriend so much. I know it's really soon, and I know I haven't been with him long at all.. but I am falling so in love with this boy. I mean, we've already talked about him moving up here next March & us potentially getting an apartment together.. Which is amazing. I can see myself going really far in this relationship, which I've never really seen before. Hearing him say that he wants to protect me & Adele, that he wants to take care of her, it's refreshing. I've never even had that with Kelly.. The only doubt that comes to mind is what about Adele? I mean, she's already lost her dad & doesn't see him, what if she grows attached to Dylan & we end up breaking up? I don't know if I can put her through that again.. I don't know if I can let her down anymore than I already have. I love her more than anything, and she always comes before my needs... I guess we will have to see. I believe he's a good person & that he won't just leave us & that he will fight for this relationship, but it's not that I'm worried about. I am so in love with him though.. just sooo in love with him. His goodnight texts he sends me every night, the way he always calls me beautiful, the way he loves my body & even more stretch marks I have. The way he always is there for me, even when I don't want to talk about my feelings, just knowing he is there makes it so comforting. He just makes me comfortable when i'm with him. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh at myself when I accidentally spit soda everywhere. He makes fun of me, like I make fun of him. I like the way he always kissed my forehead when I would snuggle up to his arm. I can't wait until the 17th to see him again. <3

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