Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 days & the butterflies are setting in.

I can't believe it is only 2 days away until Adele & Dylan meet. I'm all sorts of nervous. I mean I know it had to happen  really soon. I have to make sure they get along, and hopefully Adele doesn't get jealous. I think she'll realize that Dylan makes me the happiest I've really ever been. Ever been. 

I can't explain the feelings Dylan leaves me. It's like when I look at him, I know i'm safe. I know I have a place. I mean, I have never felt just so... content with someone. That's what it's about right, being content? Knowing that this beautiful person is being trusted with someone so precious & they guard it with everything they have.

Anyways, so, I ordered Dylan a shirt I know he really wanted, and I really hope it makes it here by Thursday. He also bought me some stuff. :S Actually, I posted the shirt on here before, haha. He's such an awesome boyfriend, he surprises me more and more everyday. :) I can't to just finally see him, even if we don't get to do our polar bears because I don't have enough money! Haha. Opps. 

Ah, expect lots of cutesy post while he is here :)

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