Wednesday, October 5, 2011


You'll notice I deleted a big section of my blog, I decided that having those post wasn't really a positive thing for me! I'd look back, remembering how I felt then, and it wasn't healthy. I deleted all of the post, and decided I am going to start updating this blog more, now. So, I posted a blog post about Dylan which I accidentally deleted, opps! So, I am going to re write some of it! 12 days until I get to see you, kiss you, hold you, and tell you I love you. I can't say this is forever because I simply don't know what the future holds, I don't know what the world will throw at us; I don't know if we will get through it. I just know that I was suppose to meet you, and be with you. I am positive of that. This distance is hard, but want to know what? It's worth it. After all a 5 hour drive really isn't THAT bad, and I know after the holidays we will see each other as much as possible.

Anyways, update about Adele! She's doing really awesome, she's now 2 and about 2 months! She's learning like crazy, she repeats EVERY word you say. She knows what words like "different". Which lights up my world, she's currently potty training, and I am trying to teach to write her name out, we'll get there, she mostly just wants to color the pictures haha.She loves singing, dancing, going to the store, ANYTHING Tinkerbell or Spongebob. I haven't decided yet what I want to get her for Christmas! She has so many toys now, but I am sure I will figure it out. I just went and spent about 200 dollars on new clothes, and toys for her. Haha I spoil her way too much, maybe next pay check I should spoil myself! It's definitely hard being a single mother, but I enjoy every minute of it. I know that if I show her I am enough, she will believe it. Alright, I am off to clean and wait for my new phone....... It should be here soon!

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