Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wait.. 15 months, already?!

15 months, and so big.
So, here is Adele so big and so fun. Adele is now 15 whole months, she seems so much older though. We're currently potty training, YES you read that right. Adele as been takin' off her diaper and telling us "potty" SO, we've decided it's that time. She's talking in sentences and it's adorable. She has a mouth full of teeth and an attitude that goes to the moon. She says the cutest things ever. Like the other day, we ran into a kitty and she says "mama max?" (the cat was max's color) I say "No, baby that's a kitty. The kitty says meow" and she said "Mama, well kitty cute, we keep?" hahahaha. I wish we could've! The cat followed us home and hungout with us, until Bear accidentaly got out and chased the cat up the tree! Opps. Kelly and I love this little girl so much, it's super cute seein' how protective he is of her. She is the best little girl ever, we haven't seen much of those terrible 2's everyone talks about, However I am going to give it a few months.  We are still rear facing in the carseat, and will continue to be that way for about 2 more months. Sometimes my mom will turn her around because she can't handle it anymore. we love to paint our nails together, and play outside and explore. I can't wait for next summer to take her camping and even do more exploring. I can't wait for our family trip to NYC. <3

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