Sunday, May 23, 2010

Adele's 9 months.

Well, techincally she was on the 19th, I am a little slow with updates though. We took her to get her well baby check up, she's 20 pounds 27 3/4 inches! This month she learned to clap, play patty cake, say diaper, high five, her doctor is really impressed with her growth and her speaking! She's talking a lot, she is really shy around new people and it takes awhile for her to get use to people and for her to do all of her little quirks around them. Sleeping as been wonderful around here lately, she goes to be around 9-10 and sleeps to about 7-9 depending on how sleepy she is. She takes 2 3 hour naps during the day. Her two front teeth are almost in! The one on the left side as broken through and is coming down, we are just waiting for the other one. She's trying to figure out the stairs right now, the first one is always the trickiest then she can do the rest of them.
Her whole vocubulary is:
Mama, dada, nana, baba, bath, hi, doggie, bear bear, ruff, grandma, diaper
She can also point to things that she wants, usually it's her little puffs
I love this little girl

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