Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday weekend!!

So, Adele won a photoshoot with bella blu photography
Denise was so amazing at taking pictures! I can't wait to see some of them. She posted a sneak peek and I will put the picture in this post. Also, my birthday was on this friday! I got my tattoo which I'll post a picture of it later. We went to the pie, and it was really fun! There was so many people, it was hard to squish everyone in there! I was so happy to see how many people came out. Unfortantely I didn't get a picture of everyone :/ there was about 20 people in that small littlepie for just us alone!

Oh, and thursday Kyah, kelly adele and I went to provo and then kyah and i went rock climbing!

We were cave woman!

While we went up there, we found this INSANELY creepy house, i will go there one day.. when i'm not too chicken :D

Then on Saturday we went to a art show, which was awesome at first, until everyone was super drunk, then I just wanted to get out of there! Drunk people make my awkward and uncomfortable. Today I might go to a show, who knows though!

Last but not least this on my on my birthday (:

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