Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween & realizing a few things.

I can't believe we are already almost done with October, it amazes me. Thinking back, I had a lot of really good times as a kid with Halloween, trick or treating, toilet papering houses, eating so much candy, making haunted houses in my friends storage in her basement, going to my friends Miranda's for their haunted back yard! All such great memories, sometimes I miss being that little, but now I have my own little one to start my own traditions with & to do cool stuff with her friends when the times come! This year she's be a laloopsie doll! Her costume is super cute & I am so excited to take her this year. Last year I worked until 9, so, I didn't get to take her & of course her dad wouldn't. (Yuck). I don't know what I ever really saw in him, it's amazing to me that someone who isn't even related to my little girl, will help me take care of. Now, I don't expect him to ever pay for ANYTHING of hers. She is mine, but I more mean in the sense of he will help me shop for her, take her trick or treat, give me ideas for her for Christmas. It's really amazing, he asks me how we are doing.

So, I am starting to realize that I am letting my guard down with Dylan, and I don't even understand why I am so scared. He's a great guy, he wants to spoil me, take care of me, he'll talk to me when I need it, I can tell if we ever do live together he'll just be the type of guy to "be there" & that's something I really need in my life. I guess you have to go through a bad one to get a good one. Honestly? I'm in love with him. I guess distance makes the heart grow fonder. <3_<3

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