Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Owls have a huge meaning to me. I haven't ever really explained why, but I will now. So, one night I was very emotionally upset. My best friend had told me she no longer to be my friend, and I got into a fight with my boyfriend over some stuff he had said to her. So, I finally fell asleep around 5ish in the morning and had a dream about an owl. This owl picked me up and took me to a place that was like a fairy tell. And told me that everything happens for a reason, and I can overcome it if I can believe in the spirits. I know I know, this sounds incredibly lame. However, then I saw my grandmothers face, (who was in fact Indian) and she said "Jaleesa, I need you to know now more than ever that you will do the right thing and there is a reason it is happening, and you are no matter what anyone tells you then she took my hand, and showed me times that were simple" I write about this, because the owl came back to me the last few nights, and said I needed to write a letter to the person I was in a fight with when he came the first time, that she needs that letter of what has been happening. And not only that I need to apologize, that I will need her soon in a time of trouble. I write about this, because I think I need to tell her sorry. I don't know if she'll read this, but it does mean I'm sorry. I was a bad friend and I know what I have done wrong. I have a whole letter to this person, if she reads this. I guess we will see.

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