Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall fashion Saturday (missed friday by 2 minutes!) 3/365

Shoot. I missed Friday by 3 minutes.
Sighh.. hahah! However, this is for saturday. Woohoo!

Under shirt: Rue 21.
Green top: Forever young.
Ohh look at my pretty nails!

 Sense I didn't go out, I wore slippers most of the day. Until we went to a movie. Slippers? Walmart.

Jeans? American Eagle. I promise I have jeans from other than there, I think...
Maybe 2 pairs! Haha.

Looky! Cut my bangs. Ohhh how I'm in love.

Scarf: Given, but I heard H &M.
Jacket: Vanity last years salt. Wee.


  1. wow~ great look! I love how pulled together it is with the jacket & scarf. You have GORGEOUS eyes!!

  2. Love the jacket and your nails against the top! Your slippers look super comfy too.

  3. those jeans are awesome, and you've got such gorgeous hair!~

  4. Your bangs look really good... nice DIY job! I love the teal top too... great color and fit.

  5. great look! love those jeans, jacket and scarf. perfect!