Friday, March 12, 2010

I am so tired

I don't remember the last time I stayed up until 4 Am then woke up at 8AM. Haha. Lovely Adele. She is super sick, and I feel so bad. No matter what we do. It's even worse because she has 2 more teeth coming in, plus her being sick is making her nose run really bad. It's super sad! Looks like I am looking at a day full of drinking pepsi and running off caffeine because I have a lot to do. Exhausting. I've been doing horribly, at my 365 day project of Adele... OPPS. So, I am posting a picture of what I look like now. Don't mind the stretch marks, I am getting those removed in about a year or two. I've almost lost all of my weight, and to say the least I am stoked! I want to loose a lot more and get more healthy. Kelly and I have been staying really active the past couple of weeks. I can not stand to stay in the house, and I love to get out, and explore. I've found some really nifty places to take pictures, and it's awesome! I love traveling, so that isn't a problem for Kelly and I. We LOVE the drives through the mountains! I would never limit where I go in life. So, I don't think our plan to Rainfest is going to work out, which really sucks. However, we've been talking and we want to go to New York to see one of Kelly's friends who lives there or even Portland because it's so green. OR on a cruise, which would be AWESOME. I love the sea, and I love water. What could be better? I honestly don't know. I can handle my own problems, and that's why I never talk to people about them. It makes more sense to me to keep my problems in and figure them out in my head and THEN take action. If I need help, I ask. I am indepedent and no longer rely on people to make me feel better about myself. I am just using this as a journal though, haha. No body reads this, so whatever. So, my dog bear as been having some serious back hip problems it's so so sad because he is only 4 years old! I am hoping that the bones I am giving him will help with that problem.

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